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The Chanel Experience

It all starts with a phone or Zoom call. As we start with getting you booked; we  will discuss your session, pick the session date finalize the location and then get your contract sign.

I will tell you everything you need to know about your session; how to prepare, what to bring, what our investment collections are and so forth.


When you arrive you will be welcome by our amazing energy and vibes! This will be your time to enjoy and relax! The pampering and glamming will begin! Our stylists are experienced and full of empowering motivation!

I'll pick your outfits out if we've done a Fitting together or I'll lay out the wardrobe you have brought with you.


I will show you everything you need to do; from facial expressions to posing by demonstrating everything.  My assistants and stylist are well versed in our TOP LUXURY poses and we can all help you!


About  1-2 weeks after your session, you will either sit with me in person or we can chat over Zoom to view your gorgeous photos, see our amazing products and decide what you would like to order.


Your product collection will soon arrive and we'll dance cause we are THAT excited! We will be looking forward to our next Experience with you!

Our 2017 promo video - while our style has changed, the mission and message hasnt!

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