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Sometimes, as women, it's hard for us to justify investing in a luxury for ourselves.  

We often find reasons to put off doing something that we have always wanted to by convincing ourselves that we can instead do something for our children, or our homes, etc.


Treating yourself to a boudoir session is a luxury.  As with most luxury products and services, the investment you might make can be a great one.  The difference between investing in yourself with a boudoir session and any other luxury product is that when you invest in us, you're investing in a fully rounded, amazing experience.

From the moment you first meet us, you will realize that investing in a boudoir session is not a decision you should make lightly. During your initial consult, we will discuss with you the importance of working with the right photographer for you - which is why our consultations are so important.  We want you to meet us, see the studio even if that means virtually, know what you are investing in before you make your selection.  

Your comfort is one of our highest priorities.  Boudoir photography is not only an investment in photographs, but an investment in your confidence, in your self-worth and in your emotions.  We are sure that you chose us because our work spoke to you, and it is our goal that during your consult, we will exceed your expectations and begin a relationship that feels decades old to you.

1-2 weeks after your session, we will sit down for your gallery reveal + ordering appointment. [During COVID you can opt to do this virtually] You can relax and view your photos and choose your favorites for your album or to display in your home! Upgrades are available at this time.


Make sure to have a fun evening or afternoon planned!

Happy hour with friends or a date night with your partner is a great way to end your special day. After a few hours of pampering you’ll feel amazing and look stunning! If the session is a surprise for your partner, we can mastermind some ideas to explain the hair and makeup. “I was walking through the mall and the makeup counters weren’t full. They were bored and needed someone to make over!” We’ve been a part of LOTS of surprises and can’t wait to be a part of yours too!


How soon is too soon to book?

 We absolutely love early bookings! We recommend booking 60-90 days in advance but will happily take bookings anytime. We do book up quickly and have limited spots. Please also keep in mind how soon you need to have products in hand.  499 is our session fee/retainer that is nonrefundable. If you book over the phone - you save 100!

Can I prepay for my product collection?

 Absolutely! We welcome payment plans for prepayment of your products! We will send our price sheet after your contract is signed but we will go over it before booking is completed.

How Should I Pay, is there a payment plan?

 Absolutely! We can do in-house payment plans or you are welcome to pay in full upfront. We accept venmo, paypal [highly suggest paypal credit with their 6 months interest free pay option], cash app, facebook pay and Zelle. We will also be accepting Credit Cards beginning in April 2021. 

Do I provide sheets or blankets?

During COVID pandemic we are requiring clients bring their own BLANKETS, sheets [queen or king] and throw pillows if wanted.

Can I donate my props after?

Yes - we will offer you a $20 credit for future session if you opt to donate gowns/sheets/blankets/pillows.

Is Hair or Makeup Included?

Yes, hair and makeup is fully included.


I know I'll love my images, but what do I do with them?

 A great question! Many boudoir clients love the idea of sharing and displaying their art. This is done through a lovely collection of products - such as albums, matted prints and metal wall art. We can be super creative with the ordering process!

How will I see my images?

We will host you on location to view your images or we can opt to do a virtual call on Zoom. You will then select images to be used for the collections or a la carte product options. 

Can I be featured on your site/social media?

 Absolutely! We will ask you first about posting your sneak peek on our private VIP group and of course, when displaying on social sites. If you opt to keep yours completely private, we will absolutely respect that !

What happens if I am late or have to cancel or sick?

During COVID - we will NOT allow any clients to arrive sick. Any cancelled appointments will have $100 retained to cover loss of business and cover rentals/studio fee. No refunds issued EVER. Credit will be saved for future use. If you arrive late, your time is deducted off your session. Any client who arrives 15 minutes late immediately forfeits entire session if we cannot fit you in.

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