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Hello There, I am Chanel.

I am your photographer for this incredible, full luxury experience. 

I've got great news for you - I also come to you from full circle experience. 

In college, I took a liking into amatuer modeling. I learned a lot about poses, the importance of hiring a stylist versus attempting it on my own and the variety of photographers in our area and just outside Maryland. I felt the one thing each photographer lacked was the feeling of Empowerment. 

I walked in, they instructed and it was over just as quickly. I wasn't filled with compliments or posed in ways to compliment my body. Instead, I was photoshopped to fit their idea of beauty. 

Years later, I volunteered to help a photographer with his studio sessions. He was just starting out in the realm of portraits [his main gig was landscapes]. This meant we were learning together. 

This evolved into a marketing side for me and eventually, I wanted to make photography my own hobby. 

While I was engaged, I decided to do my first boudoir shoot. My first mistake was not choosing someone who specialized in boudoir. She was a local photographer, hosting a marathon and I knew of her. Seemed like a win win right? I was able to do 9 outfits in about 30 minutes but was terrified to come out of the bathroom. I had just had 2 kids back to back, I had never done this before and I was anxious to be back in front of a camera after nearly a decade. 

I walked away feeling awkward. I walked away feeling less than empowered about myself. I was mostly posed on the bed, in the same repeated pose with overblown natural lighting.

I look nervous. I look uncomfortable in the poses. The images weren't sharp or well focused.

I was still happy when I got my gallery. I got to see my new body in all the fun outfits and I did like enough of them to make myself a book. That was the other part, I felt cheesy handing my hubby a self made book. However, it was all I knew and my session didnt include products. He loved it regardless! I plan on doing a session again with hair, makeup, preplanned outfits and a sexy boudoir book for him !

Do I blame my photographer? Nope. This is most certainly not about that. This is my view as a client.


Hindsight is 20/20. I should have chosen someone I could send my outfits to ahead of time and get her ideas/feedback. I should have hired a makeup artist and hair stylist or at least picked a photographer who included it. I should have chosen someone who narrowed down my selections versus running through 9 outfits in a short amount of time. I should have chosen someone who specialized and educated herself in boudoir photography. Then, I would have been posed in positions meant for a short, curvy, non arching back woman who just had 2 kids. I would have then had someone who would have unrolled the back of my underwear, edited my skin to not have purple/blue highlights from the window and so on. If I would have known, I would have also found someone who offers products. I knew nothing about leather bound books or accordion books til way later. 

This is the beauty of our industry as photographers. There isn't just one or two of us - there are many of us. Offering different poses, experiences, expertise and styles. 

I am here from every side of the camera to help you laugh, dance and feel INCREDIBLE from the moment we talk on the phone to the day you pick up your products. 

I've been the model, the manager, the client and now, the Empowerment photographer. My team is FULLY ready to make this the best experience you've ever had!

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Full Advanced Payment is Required for Session Fee/Retainer

Payments are NON-Refundable. All product sales are FINAL.

Payments can be made via Zelle, Paypal, FB Pay, Venmo, Check or Cash in person in advance.

Late Arrivals [more than 15 minutes - forfeits their session and payment]

More explained within your contract!

499 Session Fee / Retainer : NONREFUNDABLE - Save 100 if you book during your phone consult.

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